I met Daria when I was a sophomore in high school at Third Place youth group. She came with Stephanie Coon and I loved, absolutely loved her right away. Although she was new and I’m prone to (if in my comfort level of a setting…which youth group definitely was) walk up to someone and say “Hi! Who are you!?” Daria was different among any other new comer I’ve met. Right away I knew she was a peaceful, laid-back, accepting and supportive person. To this day I can say she exhorts every one of those traits with grace.

  We were friends instantly. I was so excited she started to become a regular and was also placed in my small group. I mainly got excited because she was a strong, solid young woman of God and surprised me completely by her heart of conviction. I rarely meet people who have such a tender heart towards others and their own mind. Daria is so aware of everything around her and as a sophomore I remember her saying she was going to watch less TV, or not be on facebook, or even listen to music for an amount of time. I thought it was so admirable because she never did those things because she knew it was sucking up her time (of course they might have), but rather so she could spend more time focusing on her relationship with God. I struggle with doing those things and going through high school my last two years with an example like Daria was a blessing.

On my 18th Birthday

We both became student leaders at Third Place and while I was vocal and opinionated towards the head leaders about a lot of the structure going on throughout youth group Daria was always, always obedient and basically Switzerland. She’s impossible to get mad at and is so flexible with anything. It sometimes was annoying because I would think “c’mon woman if you feel the same way they will actually think it’s a good point.” I’m half kidding. I was dramatic about certain games and demanded a lot of small group time and wasn’t flexible. Convicted! 😉 But seriously, Daria was such a jem to have on a team of student leaders. If leaders could have a name hers would be “the humbling voice of reason.”

Over time she grew to be so treasured and cherished. I felt like her and I were on the same level spiritually and understood one another to where she held me accountable and encouraged me through so many speed bumps I had to go over. After a year of countless coffee dates, a few movie events and several youth group activities I invited her to come to California with me for 10 days.

On the chair lift @ Big Bear Mountain

California was great! Whenever I’m gone (or home) I need “Mary time.” It was awesome traveling with someone who also needed their “me” time because we both understood the importance of that. She was welcomed by my family in Orange County and Redlands. We went to Hollywood, Big Bear Mountain, the beach, a market, shopped, the movies, out to eat…things you do while on vacation. My favorite memories in California though were late night conversations or good morning conversations. For 10 days you’re bound to have funny memories!

During one of our nights in California...

With 13 syllables in her full name there are 13 great reasons why I love this dear friend of mine, Daria Alexandra Constantinescu.

  1. She is a friend of deep understanding. When I moved to Kansas I quickly became occupied with living in the moment here and when I go home I barely have time to see friends because my focus is my family during those visits. Daria is always SO understanding of my schedule and has never made me feel like a bad friend, even if I had been.
  2. Her dimples. On IMDB it always says what an actor’s trademark is. For example Brad Pitt’s are his laugh and cheek bones and Taylor Swift’s is her long hair. For Daria, whenever she gets an IMBD profile it will say her dimples.
  3. She mails me hand written letters to Kansas. The last one enclosed a CD where she narrated the first track explaining the band and who they were, etc. When friends drive with me and the CD starts over they FREAK out cause they here “Mary hello hello!”
  4. I’ve never heard her raise her voice.
  5. She respects her parents highly.
  6. She appreciates solid quality time. & she never gossips. Ya, never,
  7. She also appreciates photo adventures and before I moved to Kansas we drove around taking pictures. Not only that but she doesn’t depend on just my camera AND she posts them on facebook within 24 hours. This is a reason we are friends.
  8. She is genuine and truly cares about what’s going on in your life. I’m horrible about updating her but when I do she remembers everything to a tee of what I had updated on her last.
  9. Our mutual love for the Jonas Brothers.
  10. Her faith, perseverance, patience and obedience.
  11. She is selfless.
  12. Her loyalty towards her church
  13. Her unconditional friendship. She’s incredible.
My darlin Daria

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