4am runs to get Dr. Pepper, laughing until I think my stomach literally will brake and honest conversations that last until the sun comes up are considered normal when Kim and I are together. I’ve known Kim since I was born. Our mom’s were roommates in college, attended the same church where they got married and started to extend both the Worrell and Lentz family. Kim and her two sisters Jennifer and Rachael (who’ll most likely have their own blog spot here) are some of my favorite people on this earth. But this blog post is about Kim.

I couldn’t stand Kim when I was younger. Then I loved her. She drove me absolutely crazy. But she was so much fun. Love-hate relationships are awesome, right!? When I was younger I don’t remember why she pressed my buttons…I was super sensitive and if she said anything to correct me I thought she was mean. C’mon, I was eight. No, even still as we are in our 20’s she most likely is softer with her words towards me then she would be with others. Her and Amy (sister) are actually best friends so to me I was the annoying younger sister and to me she was the sister’s best friend who was never afraid to tell me how much of an annoying sister I was. On the other hand we would have a blast. My favorite memory with Kim when I was younger was in California at her house. I was 11 and Kim, Amy and I decided to make a hair mask. We combined ketchup, flour, eggs, sugar, mayonnaise and much more. After having a smelly, gross colored “mask” set in my hair I attempted to wash it out. Fail. No matter how hard I tried flour was stuck in my hair. Kim on the other hand, wouldn’t accept food product to stay in her. She showered for 30+ minutes. Success.

As embarrassing as this is (for me) I have to share. Taken in 1999 at the fair.

When I was 13 I decided to save up all my baby-sitting money to fly Kim out to surprise Amy for Amy’s birthday. I wanted to do this to 1. Bless Amy. & 2. Because I liked Kim and knew she would also be blessed. It was maybe the most fun gift I’ve given. Warren and I picked her up from the air-port, drove to youth group and hid Kim in a friend’s van until the announcements where Amy was “announcement girl.” As Amy stood in front of the crowd we would have Kim walk in as Amy spoke. It was priceless. Kim walked in and Amy froze, put her hands in her face and just starred. Then we hear a scream of “OH MY GOSH!!!!”

When we surprised Amy

Years later, in 2008 after not seeing much of Kim her and Amy found themselves living in Nashville. I went to visit Amy once, hung out with Kim and remember us just “clicking” on a much deeper level. She’s honestly one of, if not the funniest persons I know. Her mannerisms are the most funny. And the little things she does that makes her “her.” She had to have air-fresheners in every outlet, takes forever to put on mascara, starts to dance at the most random times, demanded me and Natalie run to the store to pick up strawberry ice cream bars (at 2am), watched Save the Last Dance possibly 12 times in a few days, enjoys every single solitary detail in stories (more than me…ya) and, no matter what, laughs at almost anything.

During my senior year of high school I ended up visiting Nashville on average every five weeks, staying with Kim. I’d go to Kim’s and we’d stay up until 5 or 6am just talking, laughing, watching House of Perry or surf the internet. We’d then sleep until 2pm, take a few hours getting ready for the day/relaxing and around 4pm we’d get on with the day. I recall Amy calling once and saying “Mary it’s 5. What do you mean you haven’t had lunch yet?” I relayed that message to Kim who threw her hands in the air and goes “why she care?” Amy hears this and goes “ooook I don’t get it. Well I’ll see you guys at dinner.” I hung up in complete laughter and Kim in complete seriousness says, “I just want dessert. You want ice cream? Let’s go.” So we did.

Kim has always been not only hilarious, but opinionated. She also has the gift of being able to speak whatever is on her mind in perfect words without (what it seems) having time to process or ponder what she should say. When people challenge her with questions I’ve always seen her being able to answer immediately and articulately. I admire this because I’m the opposite. If someone challenges me I take hours, maybe a few days to really come up with what I want to say.

I do want to say that Kim has one of the strongest hearts of conviction I’ve seen. She knows what she has to do, get rid of, gain and accomplish to do what’s best for her or for what is right. Not only that but she’s vulnerable and honest about all of it. She shows humbleness in her conviction through simply living them out.

She is the best hostess…ever. Whenever I visited she bought my favorite food, cleaned the house, gave me fresh towels and asked me constantly what I wanted to do. If we watched TV, went out or anything she made sure I liked the plan. She let me borrow her car while she worked—and (even though I did) never asked me to pay for gas.

She appreciates details. Not only does she want to hear every solitary detail in a story, but she herself will remember them for her stories. I am the exact same way…SOOO when me and her get together, even if its for five hours, we most likely would have only covered three topics. It takes us days to actually get fully caught up on each others lives. I love that she loves details, I love that she is a great listener who remembers details and I love that she likes quality time.

Okay, I know I love to share the best qualities people have but right now I can’t contain myself with wanting to share my favorite moments with Kim.

Our cart
  1. Going to the store looking awful. We had just gotten up and needed breakfast foods, etc. In our sweats, with no make-up we entered. While walking in Kim puts her hoodie up and sunglasses on saying “oh my GOSH Mary I can’t believe we’re doing this.”  I joked with her in the store saying “ohhh my gosh is that so and so!?” She almost ducked into another aisle. Too much fun. Another fun store adventure happened when wewent to buy her bedding for her new bed. As we went in only wanting one thing we walked with almost two carts full of stuff.2) 6am on the way to the air-port. She wanted a Dr. Pepper and we were already running late. As we approached the Jack-in-the Box drive-through the line was too long. Being the girl who HATES being late I wasn’t happy. She noticed my bad mood and says “I woke up at 6am to drive you to the air-port. I know we won’t be late and in order for me to have the energy to take you to the air-port I need a Dr. Pepper. So go on inside and *hands me money* and please get me a Dr. Pepper. A large. Please and thank you.” Her monologs such as these crack me up. Its all in her tone and face expressions…which those who are reading this and know Kim will know what I’m talking about. Oh ya, we weren’t late to the air-port.

3)Hearing her talk about books. I think after she explains a book to me I don’t have to read it because she thoroughly went through every part and in my opinion puts it better than any author could.

4)Our conversations. My favorites were those in Nashville in her room. There was a phase where I was gone a lot hanging out with other people and once I got back to her house she wanted every single detail of the day and shared through smiling, laughing or sad expressions my moments and memories made without her.

5) Showing her my dance moves. She is such a fun dancer and I’m not quite up to her level, in any way. It’s always fun to be silly and quirky with people and with her I always am. I’ll randomly go “how’s this?” following with the worst attempt at a supposed to be silk move.

6) Our day at the park. It was a hot summer day in Nashville and she had the day off. After much discussion we decided to go to Centennial Park on Vanderbilt’s campus to lay out and read. First off, I’m not a park person. I’ll go but I’m not wired to fully take in the beauty of parks.  Kim is the opposite. As we were looking for a spot to settle on she is saying “this is beautiful. Look at these trees, that pond, the buildings!” All I wanted to do was sit down, read and hope the heat would go away. Eventually the park started to grow on me.

At the park!

She is a challenger. She puts me in my place and challenges me harder than most people are willing to. Most friends think because I know myself well and am responsible they can’t kick my butt for anything. False. Every one needs to be pushed, challenged and questioned by close, well-trusted loving friends. Kim is one of mine. I don’t talk to her on a weekly basis but she knows me well enough to understand where I come from and advice is never given without laughter, seriousness and wisdom. I’m happy our friendship isn’t a love-hate one but rather a love-funny friendship now.

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