Two personalities that are poles apart John (i.e. JT…I founded the nickname) and I are two dear friends who enjoy each other usually through laughter. Our friendship was founded upon sarcasm at a leaders retreat for Third Place where we instantly became good friends. During this retreat he found it funny that I claimed a seat by the window and told everyone it was my spot. The first night of the retreat I curled up in a blanket while everyone was in the kitchen chatting. He entered the room and said “you do know you’re supposed to be BONDING with the leaders in the kitchen. What the heck!? Your supposed to be a leader.” My response was “oooh…and whoooo are yoooou?” He laughed and said “psh woman move aside.” I thought his voice inflection when he saw coffee was hilarious. He’d say “oooooh coffeeeee!” You’d understand if you knew his voice.

Our first picture together! Daria caught this at the leader's retreat. Here we are bonding in the kitchen.

I quickly nicknamed him JT and he started calling me Marydeth (yes, we spell it that way).  I consider him one of my closest friends because he has, for over the past 5 years displayed what a true “brother” should be…and he loves saying I’m his sister or that he loves me like a brother to bug me. I get annoyed when guys overuse that phrase. He is funny, caring, protective, honest, funny, loyal, understanding, funny and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. I don’t say that about anyone.

I love that my dry humor comes out around him. I feel like I’m a Gilmore Girl around JT because I begin talking fast, say exactly what’s on my mind and it tends to come out witty and intelligent. We are both animated and dramatic so when you get two people who not only find each other funny but who are also colorful in their articulation….well, it could be a TV show. We were both student leaders in the high school youth group and had set seats next to each other (ya ya we were THOSE people). That was not a good idea because if someone prayed too long we’d both play off each other and start sighing deeply at the same time or would interrupt the other while giving prayer requests. My requests tended to be lengthy (I think out loud for a while) and JT would mumble “omg just finish marydeth.”

Aside from goofing off JT is one caring, protective friend. & whatdoyaknow…a list!

At a leader’s meeting

-After my 3 operations (wisdom teeth pulled, ankle surgery and then ACL/meniscus surgery) he was one of the first visitors. He’d bring food, a drink or just himself and we’d catch up for a while. He’d say he came over because I was on painkillers and it was fun to watch. I like to think it’s because he cared. He did.

– When I was recovering from the leg operations he hated seeing me use crutches. Anytime I had to get something he’d shout “no!” and do whatever I was going to do. I didn’t mind that…until he referred me as an old woman and had no shame in calling me that. Wapsh.

-His texts are the most random and entertaining. To list a few…
“calm down woman jeez”
“how do you make foam lol with the nozzle thing right?”

-During youth group I was the announment girl for a while. To get people’s attention I’d shout “EVERYBODY BE QUIET!” If you looked over at John he’d either 1. not be fazed or 2. sit there bursting out laughing because he never takes me seriously.

-When he agrees with you he’ll just say “yeeeeeea”

-During high school we both worked at the same mall. He worked at Sears on the second level while I was stationed at Fannie May, first level. JT more than once brought me food from the food court because I couldn’t go on break, was the only employee there that night, etc.

– He thinks every song is his jam.


-My earliest vivid memory of him was at a super bowl party where we played Gestures. We were on the same team and it’s also the same time I realized he was NOT competitive. He had five cards to act out and the first one was “Solider.” Not only did he take forever, but he mouthed the word “solider” so it didn’t even count. That was when he noticed I was not only competitive, but completely frustrated with him. To this day I still don’t like being on his team because he doesn’t care about winning. And I can say all this because he’ll laugh and probably say “I don’t want to be on her team either!”

-Going to Dunkin Donuts at 11pm because thats the only place open within 10 min of our houses.

-Going to Starbucks. There is a difference between Dunkin and Starbucks. At Dunkin we usually sit around, laugh and are weird. At Starbucks however, it’s heart-to-heart time. JT-Marydeth time. This consists of talking about life which results in correcting each other, more laughing and being intelligent.

-Taking breaks at the mall together. Fun!

-Car rides during the winter retreat. We were those kids who claimed the back bench of the 15 seat passenger van. It’s the cool bench.

-How blunt we are with each other. He’d loudly vocalize how wearing a scarf in the spring looks awful while I told him having gold highlights wasn’t the most flattering. John Carlos…wearing a scarf in April is FINE.

-Bugging him about his hair and not being allowed to say Mexican jokes because apparently I can’t pull it off. Whatever.

-Our inside jokes. Street smarts, jaja, *pounding fists.*


I’ve never heard him talk poorly about his parents, seen him open doors for ladies and say “yes sir” to several men. But I don’t keep him as a close friend because he has gentleman mannerisms. He is anything but judgmental and is a constant encouragement to be sincere and solid in whatever beliefs one has. He is a friend where when we’re 50 will most likely continue acting the same as we do today. Laughing, bickering, correcting one another, getting excited for the other about the future.

One thing I like about my friendship with JT is I call him whenever I feel like it. I don’t usually think “he might be working” or “he might be with friends.” I just call. If I hear a song, story or person that reminds me of him I’ll contact him right away. Friends like these are fun.

In a nutshell, I’m lucky to have John as a close friend. His sincere spirit is infectious, honest heart is shown through any conversation and animated quirks are deeply missed.

& yes….the only pictures I have of him are ones with me in them.

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