Unpredictable. Understanding. Unique.


I would never have guessed she would be obsessed with the Beatles, “demand” I never buy shampoo from Target or have the most low-maintenance coffee orders (which is plain ‘ol hot tea or drip coffee). She throws me off in conversation by saying “okay just stop yelling at me” while I’m talking in a calm, cool, collected tone. Oh yes, she’s also over-the-top sarcastic. When I first met her in October of 2010 I never would have thought that this girl with a flower tattoo on her wrist who drove an egg shaped car would, eight months later, become my roommate. After living with her for two months though I couldn’t have imagined it any other way.

Danielle cares so deeply for others. She would do anything for her friends, even if she doesn’t think so sometimes. In our apartment she, without discussion, gave me the bigger bedroom, let me choose any bathroom drawers I wanted in addition to simply any space I wanted throughout our place. Some girls would say later “well you have the bigger bedroom” to get their way and she has yet ONCE brought up anything of the sort. She dog-sat for a friend and went out of her way several times to drive 20minutes just to feed and walk their dog. She was the friend to pick me up on the curb at 1am after my plane was delayed for six hours coming from Colorado and the friend to open the door when my car broke down at 11pm. Through conversation and perceiving I have seen this rare ability she has at making sure people know they are important. What’s more awesome is I think she is blinded sometimes by how great she is.

When we met I was in a pretty depressing stage of life and normally I would try to cover it up when meeting someone new and ask them a lot of questions or simply, keep a distance. Yet with Danielle and me I’ve felt that our friendship has been sincere and genuine since the beginning. I think when people become close friends they look back and wonder when they hung out for the first time and what happened for them to grow close. Danielle and I became close at work when we had the closing shift. Our system was talk and catch up for two hours then knock out the close. We dominated at every close and got out early. I will document that the first time we hung out outside of the workplace was a blast. We went to Chipotle, Peachwave, drove to the mall while listening to the Beatles to buy fake glasses from Clair’s. I love fake glasses. I got a purple pair, she got green.
Unique. A heart for the weird people, Danielle finds quirks from people endearing. I don’t get it. She isn’t afraid to try out new hair-cuts. She just goes for it. She says things that catch me off guard. When I bought a vintage table cloth she walked in and said “man we are just a cute little Amish family.” She says whatever comes to mind and is very frank with people. It can be refreshing and so unpredictable.

While Danielle and I are almost opposites in several ways we relate and understand one another that compensate for the differences. Both of us have a tendency to become workaholics and don’t allow ourselves “me” time. We like caring and serving other people to make them feel blessed. We like being sarcastic and witty. We call each other out when the other is working too much, need their own “me” time and if the other said something off-tune or whatever. I’m not afraid to let her know (rather, deal with) my quirks. I’ll listen to music while I shower, do weird crafts to fill my time, watch a TV season on DVD in two days, buy a People magazine book of crosswords, mumble to myself, etc. What’s funnier is she has yet to even comment on these things I do.

Getting my hair-cut from her!

I’m so thankful and blessed to have Danielle as my roommate and close friend. I admire, respect, adore and cherish her. She gives so much effort in everything she attempts. She seeks wisdom and advice when she struggles and does a better job at staying positive than most. She is also great at giving advice, encouraging others and being there for those she cares for. She is a hard worker and those who work with her both at the salon and coffee shop don’t know how fortunate they are to have her. She switched coffee shop locations shortly after she started at mine and I miss working with someone who has a strong work ethic, great sense of humor and outstanding customer service skills. I do however have her as a roommate which I guess trumps co-worker. Living with someone who is considerate, a great communicator and a supportive friend is something to be thankful for. And I am.

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