Tori & Lacey


I’m doing a “double take” blog. I’ve felt like writing a blog on these two young, incredible women for a while and because I haven’t had the time to write as much as I’d like…I’ll do both of ‘em in one.

These two fit together because both of them hold a similar role in my life. They both are older than me, but I don’t feel like the younger one…except when Tori gushes about her husband or Lacey talks about graduating from college.

I immediately was myself around Tor. She waltzed into LatteLand a few months after becoming a married woman and dealt with Hunter and I training her for a while. That moment showed my sarcastic, goofy, talkative side. Next moment with her was when we worked morning shifts and we got more serious about life and beliefs. Within a week we asked how we could pray for one another and within a month I grew to have a sensitive, tender spot for her. She came into LL (LatteLand) with co-workers who were tight-knit friends and carried herself well under more conditions. She came at a wonderful time  because six months after she started working the store went under several changes, and within a year the store had done a complete 180. We slowly started to hang out over the first few months, but she has now rapidly become a great friend of mine. Tori has gone through rough situations and has an incredible, victorious story. I’m realizing how similar we are.  We are sensitive towards others and strive to do what’s right. We know how much God loves that about us, yet know how hard it can really be. We are loyal to our friends and have been squashed by some we love. Through that we each were hurt, but were and continually are healed by God. Weare passionate about those we love, adore girly movies, coffee, laughing, food, people, traveling, Jesus, music…the list is endless.
She loves my sarcasm and how I quickly call people out on their ridiculousness. After my manager would say “ok have a good close!” I’d say something back like “Uh, well…I worked really hard on a close yesterday and you didn’t notice so now I’m going to sit and text my boyfriend (who I didn’t have).” He’d roll his eyes and leave saying with a smile “Uhuhh suure. Interesting. byyyyyye mary” while Tori is there with a hand on her forehead chuckling. Image

I look up to Tori for her faith, her vulnerable, honest heart and perseverance. She has qualities that are so rare and unique it easily can throw people of. I’m a single, independent woman in Kansas City and Tori is one of the few that I can text or call (whatever is appropriate) with anything. Besides my mom Tori was the friend I sent a text to at 6am saying I had a flat tire on my way to Oklahoma.  She cares for me and I see it, comforts me and I receive it. She is a friend who’ll mourn when you mourn, rejoice with you when you rejoice and laugh when you laugh…or laugh AT you. That last one means we’re comfortable to do this and I love it. She has an intense depth to her heart and it’s precious.

Precious Tori moments:

-When Jack passed away Tori sent me a text. She was the only friend I voluntarily called to talk to about it.
-This woman gets me. I don’t know how to describe it, but she does! My love for fun mugs, my dramatic stories, but she’ll know I’m not serious. She knows I’m sensitive, but can take correction when given correctly (haha). She learned that no matter what a friend does to me, I’ll stay loyal and not give up on any friendship. This is also when I learned how protective she was.
-The moment she told me she was jealous for my heart. I’ll never forget that. We were driving on the high way in her white Saab and she was worked up about a guy treating me a certain way.  She was so flustered about a situation that she wasn’t involved in, but because I was affected, she was too. She told me what kind of man I deserved and how much she cared about my heart.
-Our countless girl nights. From sitting in her apartment or setting up a beach chair on her bed to hold a laptop for a movie…/ to fancy fance dinners…movies, coffee shops, my apartment or her new house. The highlights of my Friday nights in KC have been with Tor. For a great time with Tori I seriously just need Tori. I don’t care if we’re driving, on a couch or sitting on milk crates…which in all seriousness I’ve done numerous times and had a blast.
-Our countless work shifts at LatteLand. Too many memories there.

I love that while I’m a single independent college student one of my best friends is having a baby in three weeks with an awesome husband who cherishes and compliments her beautifully. I love learning from her, laughing with her, and having the honor to be her close friend. I love our honesty and vulnerability with each other. I thank God for orchestrating the introduction of a great friendship.
I know that once I have babies and an awesome husband of my own she’ll be one of the firsts I’ll call to share my heart with.

She has a great amount of wisdom and insight for my life. Same with…

THIS WOMAN IS AWESOME! I talk louder when I speak about her. I laugh constantly when she’s around because she is HILARIOUS. I’m not kidding, people. She is so great. I’m sitting in the chair just giggling thinking of her mannerisms, quirks, tones of voices and her character. When I think of Lacey I think of how thankful I am for her. Here are reasons why I just crack up all the time.

And it’s more funny because she can get so confused when I laugh.
-if we were really slow at work she got on her computer and looked up recipes to then print out and tell me how excited she was to cook
-She’s had her mom go through the drive-through to drop off an apple.
-When Kenny wrote a nasty note on the board she erased it and wrote “Board of Positivity!”
-She is a health-nut and sometimes when people wanted a tea-latte or café-alaiut she’d put non-fat in and say “they just don’t know the difference.”
-whenever I would stress about certain closing duties or anything she’d say “c’mon Mares let’s sit in the comfy chairs and talk it out. Talk it out girrrrrl” I’d stand there and she’d say “c’mooooon” in a baby voice and go sit. Anytime we’d slack and chat on the clock we somehow still get out on time.
-she is very vocal about her love for people. I’ll see her and when I mention a name who she likes she’ll smile and repeat back their name loud, all excited.
-she loves masculinity in men. When she notices it she’ll say “he’s a MAN!”
-We opened one morning and had zero customers at 6:30am. I went to check facebook and saw it was her BIRTHDAY. I ran out, saw her in a chair and say “UM…sooooo today is your BIRTDHAY!?” She started laughing and said “oh ya, that.”

As much as I think she’s hilarious, she is a mighty great woman of God. When I think of a word to describe Lacey its faithfulness. With friendships, money, any situation she will have a good, positive attitude and tell anyone she is trusting God with everything and through that I think He has provided and blessed her beyond her imagination. And He will continue to do so.
She calls it how it is. She loves people so much (can’t stress this enough), but if they act out of line she has an ability to graciously put them in their place.
When I think of her greatness I  think of her confidence, trust, love for people, fun-loving spirit.
You all are gonna think all my friends are from work. Well, the majority of them in Kansas have been over the past two years because I spent 40 hours a week, sometimes more, in the shop. And how great was it when this athletic, tall, KU lady walked up one morning, asked for an application and a drip coffee on a Sunday morning. She started working a week apart from Tori.  Image

For a few months I started my new semester at school, worked a bunch and had more on my plate than usual. I didn’t hang out with them for a few months, due to an overload of homework. I instead had fun with ‘em any shift I worked, which fortunately was often.

Two little memories of the three of us I want to share, but also to let ‘em know I haven’t forgotten

-I had a closing shift and I arrive to the shift with all the closing duties already completed. I stood there in disbelief, wondering why they were finished. Lacey and Tori decided to complete as much of the closing duties as they could just because they wanted to bless me.
-Going out to dinner. We did this a lot when Lacey lived here, now Tori and I go solo. When the three of us went to dinner I remember the conversations involved a mix of laughter and deepness. One night Lacey discovered Tori couldn’t see in one eye (deepness) and then Lacey opened up saying she used to be “mute” as a child (laughter…because she clearly is now NOT mute!).

Since then I’ve re-loacted to another store, Tori is now the manager at the location we all met at and Lacey is off being a great leader for young adults doing what she loves hours away. Tori and I hang out weekly and Lacey is dearly missed.

Here’s the bottom line with these two: they came into my life during a time I wouldn’t think I needed them. Yet, within 6 months I was going through the hardest, most emotionally draining season I’ve ever gone through. I talked to family and friends who lived out of state, but these two saw me daily. Some days in tears, some days in anger, some in smiles. Despite my dramatic moodiness Tori and Lacey heard me out, comforted, encouraged and poured their love out. They invested in me and I am extremely thankful.


One thought on “Tori & Lacey

  1. Karen Laybourne

    You are entertaining angels! I can’t wait to meet you, Mary. I would give anything to have it under different circumstances but I have faith that we are always where we are supposed to be, and in His care. With love, Karen

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