Patrick G.


“Water is BORING Mary!”
That is my first memory of Patrick….and it has stuck. During our first close together I was drinking water and look over to see a plastic cup with pink juice filled half-way. There’s no way that’s juice from the smoothie juice machine. “Patrick…..why. Why don’t you drink water!?”
He starts to shake his head forward saying “water is BORING Mary!”
I fell to my knees laughing.

When Patrick started working at LatteLand I didn’t get to know him for a few months. I heard stories, heard how funny and how much of a team-player he was, but I didn’t personally know him. After Jack moved to California Patrick filled his Saturday night spot for the next nine months. And for the next nine months Patrick and I spent 8.5 glorious hours in the Land of Lattes togethers forming a pretty great friendship.


I’ve been wanting to write about Patrick for a while, but didn’t because I couldn’t think of a way to articulate his place in my life. This could be good, because it means that he means SO much to me that I just can’t pin one thing about him that makes him wonderful. And I can’t. But I’ll try.
During my first few months of meeting Patrick I simply remember thinking he was so funny and nice. I noticed a pattern. A lot of people I write about on this blog are characterized by being nice and funny. Guess I pick pretty great people in my life. 😉
We got along immediately and he quickly became one of my absolute favorite people to work with, simply ever. He is SUCH a hard worker, keeps the store fresh with animation, has such great taste in music, wants to try new places and have new adventures in KC, loves hearing stories, laughs at you whenever you make a mess or say something messed up late at night.  He makes customers feel like his friend and knows how to make a great, long-lasting friendly impression on anyone. At a coffee shop it’s easy to start talking about something, to then have to help a customer. Patrick has always been great at remembering what you were talking about before someone came in and once the rush ends he’ll say “ok so you were saying____.” I love that.

“Patrick is he hot comonedy here! Everyone wants to work with him!” This is what Hannah told me just a few weeks ago. Very, very true.  When my mom visited me a few weeks ago Patrick was one of the two friends she met who she declared her favorite. That says A LOT. People like being around him because he’s hard-working, light-hearted, friendly and simply hilarious. For me it runs a bit deeper. He has become a close friend of mine, not only a fun co-worker.

He has shown me that he cares for me in several ways. It started with him showing genuine interest in my life during work hours. This would entail personal questions. It followed with hanging out outside the workplace.
Our first time hanging out was going to see a play.  I remember every detail (something he loves and “hates”…I remember everything if it involves interactions with people).
–He picked me up at my apartment with my (at the time) favorite drink: an iced coffee with cream, one pump hazelnut. We walked to his car and we drove to Crown Center to watch Zombie Prom. Up until this point I did NOT want to go. I thought Zombie Prom would be scary…I don’t like zombies. It wasn’t. It was a light-hearted play. Who would’ve thought!? Not me.
–He became a friend who I would talk to everyday, and if I didn’t see him at work I’d get really bummed. We’d see each other the next day and say “I’ve missed you!” If my manager heard he’d say, “….you saw each other like, two days ago.” Patrick and I would do something along the lines saying in unison, “exaaaaactly!”
–He took me to see Titanic for the first time. Not only that, but he knew how to make it an experience. Instead of taking me to the Cinemark on the Plaza he chose AMC down at Power and Light. If you know the area, that’s an upgrade. If you don’t…basically it’s a theater that charges $6+ more.
–He has picked me up from the air-port.
–After my finals last semester he took me out after our close to celebrate.
–When I found out Jack had passed away Patrick was the first and only person I called to tell that night. Once I told him he said “can I come over?” He came over and stayed to process everything with me until 3am, even though he had to move apartments the next morning.
–He’s a gentleman. He always, without fail, will want me to eat and take a break before him.
==He has my interest at heart. If something is too inappropriate he’ll catch himself from sharing and say “you won’t like it.” I’ve learned to trust him and not push anything.
–He has introduced me to a lot in KC: Crown Center, Farmer’s Market, MudPie.

Patrick and I are extremely different. We see the world differently, perceive situations differently and have different lifestyles. These are reasons why I cherish my friendship with him. Friends who are different in these ways bump heads, and we have. Friendships like this take work–ours does. I value my friendship with Patrick because we care about the other and through that we bulldoze through bumps that come our way. As we’ve said, “we’re intolerably adorable.”

And here’s why:
-Our manager knows we have each other’s back. On Tuesday mornings I get in at 6am, Patrick comes at 7:30am. Before he comes it isn’t unusual for our manager to say things that push my buttons. The other week I said, “Um, please stop.” He says, “I have to get it all out of my system before your protector Patrick comes and both of gain up on me.”
-We have a secret handshake.

-He would walk me home after every close.
-He hugs me when he gets to work and when he leaves. If I’m busy on bar he’ll stand and wait until I’m free for a hug.

…………I’m sitting here perplexed because the reasons why I love Patrick aren’t able to be put into words. It’s his reactions to situations that are so endearing. His face expressions, the things he’ll react to like HAVING the have the floor mats never touching or that he needs to eat a chocolate chip cookie every day. His love for Jimmy Johns, his cat Zoe or that he needs to park next to a pole in the garage every.single.time. I love that he’ll say “hello dahhhhling” or that whenever I start laughing non-stop instead of laughing he’ll usually role his eyes playfully. I smile thinking of our “arguments.” Where to place pitchers, his hair, what movies are good or which customers are nicer. I also love that I can be my complete quirky self around him. I hold back around a lot of people, but with him I’m all over the place. I’ll say cheesy jokes, say things that make no sense or burst ideas in the world. On the other scale of things though we’ll have intense conversations and talk about life. I like that we have extremes with each other.

I’ve been blessed to have been working closely with him for an entire year. He’s one who anyone would want as a close friend and I am blessed that he chose me as one of his. I admire Patrick for his ability to look at his life and change whatever he thinks will make it better. He doesn’t stand on the sidelines and wait for things to happen, he’ll be the one to make it happen. He has high standards for himself, but he also knows when to simply laugh at himself. With his [endearing] quirks he’ll acknowledge and embrace them. He’s great at giving compliments and living in the moment with those around him. I love you Patrick!

One thought on “Patrick G.

  1. malibumichelle

    Yes! Patrick IS just as great as you say! And you, Mary, bring out the best in people. You and Patrick are a great friend-combination 🙂

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