“Not everyone are Rachael’s and all nice with roses and butterflies, Mary!”

A friend told me this after I said I didn’t care for his friends. He had spent time with Rachael and me and, like most people, she leaves an overwhelming impression of happiness and friendliness with anyone she meets. Her joy, laughter, humor, generosity and humbleness can’t be stressed enough. God has blessed her with a beautiful voice that lifts the hair on arms straight up, she is self-motivated and at a young age has managed groups of people who are 10+ years her senior. I consider this treasure, this beauty, one of my best friends and truly one of my sisters.

If you’ve read my other posts of friends, you would have come across Kimberly, who is Rachael’s sister. In that, and I’ll include in here also, I’ve known Rachael since I was born. Our mom’s were roommates in college and started their own families in the same church. My family moved from California in 1994, but had kept in extremely close contact with Rachael’s entire family. Starting when I was eight I would go to California for the summer and for years I’d spend more than a week at Rachael’s house. We have so many precious childhood memories together.
During high school Rachael’s family was lead to Kansas and I was so excited, because I had felt for a while that I would too end up there. And I did, in the summer of 2009. It felt so weird, that after so many years of not living close, we finally did! I remember going to the movies, hanging out at her apartment or just sitting in a restaurant for hours talking. We had separate lives: worked at different stores, went to different schools and lived a couple miles apart, but we managed to hang once in a while. I love that we just “go with the flow” when we see each other. Because we’ve known each other since forever there is never a need to explain our past, give references or tie in a current story with the past. We can just talk and I love it.

Kim and Rachael
Kim and Rachael

287_16875662866_1909_nK, time to make her feel uncomfortable with major compliments. It will be hard because I have SO many so it’ll be scattered, but know I mean everyone full-heartedly.
She is one of the most righteous women I know. She strives to do what’s right and is the first to tell you if she was in the wrong. She has humility that she will be rewarded for. She is laid-back and I think that’s a reason we get along so well. We love peace and just chilling. She’ll laugh at that.
She is selfless. Whenever we hang out it’s so frustrating because we want to do what the other wants to do. It takes so long deciding. However, we have grown because now we WILL say where we DON’T want to go and if we want to do something we’ll say “I’m kinda feeling…” or “I could go for…”
That’s one example of many. Rachael won’t take time to talk about herself, she’ll want to know about you. She knows what to ask to make you feel like her friend instantly. She’ll listen with a wide smile and is so gracious. She is slow to anger and quick to listen. If she loves you and is comfortable enough, she’ll pick you up while hugging you. Oh yea she is also extremely strong…I don’t know how she is as strong as she is. It’s Solomon strong. She is optimistic. While talking (at least with me) she doesn’t put walls up and we’re both very honest with each other. She loves conflict-resolution and isn’t afraid to solve problems. I love that.
*Our Bernie Mac quote.

Anson, Rachael and Jen
Anson, Rachael and Jen

Times with her.
*Sharing a bed.
When I visited as a nine-year-old we shared a bed. Giggling, fighting for blankets, being woken up by Anson jumping on us (not cool).
*Sleeping on her trampoline outside.
*On the way to church one morning she spilled an entire cup of coffee on my tan pants. She felt so bad and it was a complete accident, but I’ll always remember running into the church bathroom with her mom and trying to dry them. So funny.
*Our countless, endless movie watching times on her white couch in California. Ahhh, the best.
*Going to her neighbor’s pool and trying to organize a synchronized swimming routine.
*Our phone conversations during high school across the coasts.
*Visiting Kansas with my mom before I moved. I had a BLAST with Rachael. Going to Chipotle, KU, the Frasers, Starbucks, Loose Park, and last but NOT least…introducing me to JCCC.
I won’t go into how I ended up in Kansas, but I know God had been calling me to Kansas since I was younger. I thought I would attend KU and worked hard in school to make that happen. During my visit I didn’t like K-State or KU. I was frustrated not knowing what I was doing, but knowing I should come to Kansas. On my last day Rachael and I went out to coffee and my flight was delayed a few times. She wanted to show me JCCC and I said no. I just wanted to talk and be with her. After the flight was delayed a few more times we decided to go see the Frasers at JCCC. The moment I arrived there I knew that’d be my home. And I moved the next year.
*The COUNTLESS times she has driven me to the air-port. Oh gosh this girl (and her mom) has done that favor SO MANY times!!! They’ve woken up as early as 5am to take me, or stayed up past 11pm to come get me.
*Helping me move this summer. We, just the two of us, were able to move all my furniture with her truck. We felt very accomplished and I couldn’t have done it without her. Best moment: when my mattress fell off the truck in the middle of the street. She ran out and quickly by herself put it back in the truck.

Last load of moving day!
Last load of moving day!

*Driving from Nashville to Kansas with her family and Amy. We went to Josh and Catherine Lawson’s wedding and Amy and I drove back with them. It was such a fun road trip and visit the following days.
*Our traditions. We’ve found a day once a week where we’ll go get coffee and then go out to eat and catch up. It’s the high-light of my day, if not week. She’s someone where I know I can say “ugh I just don’t feel good” and wear sweats and be cranky all day and NOT feel guilty. I’ve come over to her house and sprawled on the couch in silence. This is to say I feel 100% comfortable with her. She’s a sister to me and I can speak my thoughts out knowing she won’t be judgmental, but completely understanding and love me through anything.

Kim got married this summer! Here are all of us at her rehearsal dinner. From L: Amy, Rachael, Jen, me and Kim
Kim got married this summer! Here are all of us at her rehearsal dinner. From L: Amy, Rachael, Jen, me and Kim

*Talking about our future. We love talking about what we and are sisters will be like in the future. We talk about how we’ll discipline our kids, how awesome our husbands will be, but we also talk about now, being single and our goals and hopes. Rachael is one of the only ladies I can say that cherishes her singleness and knows it’s a gift. She has never been boy crazy, she won’t analyze and relish in boy’s attention. She is one solid woman. A rare one too. This knock-out will ONLY and let me say that again, ONLY settle for what God has for her. Anything short of it…PEACE OUT. I admire that so much about her.

Out to breakfast a few weeks ago
Out to breakfast a few weeks ago

I wish I had more memories that I could write out, but I don’t know how to articulate a lot of them. I just love doing life with her. She is family. I love our hours of just BEING with each other. There doesn’t have to be a plan, just bring me to her. We’ll drive around for miles talking, looking at pretty houses. We’ll go to nice restaurants or her living room and just talk with her parents. She’ll randomly break out in dance…and she’s GOOD.
Rach, I admire you so much as a woman and I’m so thankful and blessed that you’ve been placed in my life as not only friend, but sister.

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