Head-strong, this young woman is going to change the world.

She has one of the most unique hearts I’ve seen. Unique meaning its hard to come by and a rare find. She has high-energy, is a type A strong-willed Choleric with Meloncoly tendencies of needing alone time. Consistent with vocalizing what is on her mind she is a stubborn fire-cracker who stands for what she believes in. Whether she must have a Coca-Cola before bed or believing she should stand up for a friend she stands until she gets answers. Able to take a “no,” yes, but it’s tough if the “no” comes from illogical reasoning. Over the years it has been almost unbearable to deal with an eternity of “whys” and “what if” questions; but she isn’t apathetic in the least and for this she is a crusader and will change the world. This “she” is my younger sister and one of my favorites, Anna.

“Mary I’m in my room plucking my eye-brows and have to go soon” is how she answered the phone once when I’ve called. “This is how its gonna work….” is how she tries to get me to do something I’ve already said no to. “Can you take me to Dominicks’ to get soda and french fries from Wendy’s?” is what she’ll ask me at 11pm the night I get home for a visit. These are reasons why she is one of the funniest, weirdest people I know. Additionally, most people wouldn’t laugh at those quotes, but we do and that’s what is so awesome.

I look up to her in more ways then some would guess. As someone who is known for being compassionate, over-caring and allows others emotions to weigh me down she is one of the key people I look to when I try not to carry others’ burdens. She has a tender, dear spot for her friends, but when she’s explaining their problems she has a mature filter that doesn’t allow herself to bear any problems on her shoulders.

Whether we’re on her bed looking at Facebook or driving to the movies her phone is constantly blowing up with friends venting about their problems, asking for affirmation. I admire how she puts friends first and does what she can to help, but (from what I’ve seen) she doesn’t let their problems weigh on her, puts them in line if she senses manipulation or too much dependency. It’s commendable how she IS a leader and not only does she NOT embrace the attention with conceitedness or pride but rather she encourages peers to embrace their uniqueness and personal strengths.

I also am amazed by Anna’s ability to cheer people up. From buying a chocolate bar for a friend who’s having a bad day or making funny noises over the phone to make me laugh (we are weird) she has a unique ability to turn frowns upside down. As she would say “Mary today I did a handstand so my frown would turn upside down.”

Next I want to praise her for how she has handled changes lately. During these last few years she’s had every one of her older siblings move out of the house, switched youth groups and schools multiple times. For a 16 year old these are drastic changes that shape a childhood and form memories. I want to honor her for being able to emotionally take in these changes with stride and a great attitude. Was she sad? Yes. Is switching school back and forth frustrating? Yes. From day to day was she optimistic? Nada. Overall her attitude came down to “there’s nothing I can do now that it’s done so I have to make the most of it.”

This is pops in my mind RIGHT when I think of her:

o   Her piercing brown eyes

o   Her at the dinner table eating. She’s so gosh darn picky with her fetish towards chicken fat and going through a long phase (are you still in it?) of not wanting a glass at the table.

o   Her tone of saying “hi” when she walks in the house

o   “you just don’t understand,” “that’s annoying,” “please calm down.” (people that know her KNOW what I mean here)

o   Her texting style.

o   Her quirks with needing certain shampoos and conditioners.

o   How she frames letters, notes and pictures in her room-unique and creative.

o   She says anything that is on her mind. And it throws people off.

o   Never, ever afraid to state what she thinks of any situation.

Anna does what she wants. She has an independent mind and has always not needed a companion to accompany her on quests. Since she was little her mind has taken her from cutting her own hair, spilling a container of laundry detergent over the stairs, catching mice by herself and creating her own snacks that she’ll eat instead of mom’s. Adding to her sense of interdependency,  she is fearless. Her values and beliefs are solid in her mind and she has surprised me with showing she will challenge people in their 20’s on their views and even if they tease back or show disrespect she isn’t swayed. Having the strengths of being fearless and independent explode from her and I’m looking forward to the years ahead to see how she uses them.

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