Celebrating my fellow internal-processing sista, Caitlin!

Folks, this women is GOLD. Infecting everyone with her joy, Caitlin is a walking source of wisdom, discernment, cheerfulness, and warmth. Being her friend is an honor, I’m privileged to know her heart deeply and pray every woman is blessed with a “Caitlin” in their life. They can’t though, just one ‘ol Caitlin in the world. I’m eternally thankful God brought her in my life when He did.

13076915_10154306760182867_4729020089105072847_nFirst impression of Caitlin was a stereotypical Californian. She had a killer outfit, set make-up, beachy hair and seemed laid back. We met in home group and it wasn’t until a few weeks later at a diner when we sat next to each other we had a lengthy conversation. She immediately became a kindred spirit. A few weeks after the night at the diner a bunch of us ladies had a sleepover. During the slumber party I knew: this woman was in my life FO LIFE. We giggled a lot, had deep conversation, and bonded over our need for comfort and self-care priorities. Ever since, her friendship has impacted my life immensely.

Cait wins. She’s the woman you want when something sad, happy, frustrating or terrifying happens. I want her around always –  I’ve never grown tired of her. As one of the selected few under my “Favorites,” she’s always a phone call away. I’ve taken advantage of this at 2am, during my lunch break, or even in the car on the way to meet her because I wanted to get ahead on “Mary-Caitlin” chit-chat time.

10339685_10153949499842867_6018341903475692705_nDon’t mistake her lightheartedness for apathy. Something I love the most about Caitlin is the intentional care and concern she has for those she loves. She values doing life with others and when we go a few weeks or less without seeing each other, she is consistent with checking in, letting me know I’m missed and loved.

She can literally laugh with anyone. There are a few of our friends who bond with Caitlin on a whole other level because of their humor – I can’t keep up. I sit there, waiting for them to calm down….can’t tell you what they laugh about because I can’t keep up with their jokes. One of her gifting’s is keeping up with wide varieties of humor and spicing anyone’s up.
Joy fills the room when Caitlin does – her spirit carries a strong sense of self, joy, cheerfulness and warmth. I feel at ease when Caitlin is around, free to be myself. Words of affirmation are important to her, and she gives them out so effortlessly. I don’t know a time where she has seen me and hasn’t said, “I love you!” or “I’ve missed you!”


In less than a year Caitlin can read me exceptionally well. The other week we were walking on a sidewalk and I had just heard a secret from someone, but couldn’t say anything. I thought I was chill, simply minding my own business. Suddenly, Caitlin comes up to me and says, “Mary Lentz. WHAT. WHAAAAT IS it!?!?” Stunned, I said, “nothing giiiirl, nothing.” The next 10 minutes consisted of her reading my face and driving me bonkers because I didn’t want her knowing I knew something and clearly couldn’t control my face.

I love our similarities and differences. We both love reading and our alone time. We both love adventure, but also value relaxation. We both love dancing, and we love hip-hop tunes. There are certain things I take more seriously than her, and things she takes more seriously than me. Having her as a sounding board has been nothing short of influential. I trust her perspective.


A few memories I hold dear to my heart:

1) Convincing her to wake up for the sunrise.
Back in December we were at a beach house for an overnight celebration. If sleep is compromised, Caitlin won’t have FOMO. Since I couldn’t get her to commit before bed, I crept in her room at 5:50am saying, “time to waaaake up for sunrise.” She tosses over and firmly says, “No. No it isn’t Mary. I’m not going. I’m sleeping.” I left bummed, but had mad respect for how direct she was.

2) Another sleeping story. A group of us were taking a road trip to San Francisco and her, Jess and I had a sleepover the night before. Needing her full 8 hours of beauty sleep, Caitlin crawled into bed around 9pm, leaving me and Jess to fend for ourselves. I smile remembering the early hours saying, “woman are you asleep yet, can you like, hang out.” Even if she wasn’t sleeping she’d say, “I feel like I’m getting rest because I’m in a bed ya know?”

3) Santa Barbara. A group of us ladies spent the weekend there and one night I received an emotional text at 4am. I was sharing a bed with Cait and I’ll never forget her waking up to me crying and holding me. She tapped into friend mode FAST. I felt so loved and am so thankful she was there to comfort me, but also speak Truth when I was weak.
IMG_97874) Beach walk. We met up in Santa Monica one afternoon and walked along the beach for a while. I remember the walk because she opened up about many topics more in-depth and I had a vision of her as a momma and all I’ll say about that is this: she’s gonna be a killer momma, one many women will want to emulate. Can’t wait to meet her future nuggets.
5) Simply ALL our chats. You know you’re good friends when you can drive in silence without feeling the silence. For me I feel that always around Caitlin – we can be at a party, driving or sitting at a restaurant and I never feel pressure to fill space with conversation.
She’s one of the most solid women I know. Her strengths include consistency, being flexible, intentionality, compassion, wisdom, teaching, finding joy in little things, words of affirmation…so.many.things. She fights for growth, is true to herself and welcomes discomfort knowing growth comes from perseverance.
My life wouldn’t be the same without her sisterhood.
Love you Cait, you’re a diamond in the rough. You add value to everyone around you, a gift to the world. Adore you so much.

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